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Remembrance and Celebration of Fred Kirk - 2

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Fred Kirk making a presentation to Tuck & Lynn Southworth at Kirk's Bocce Day, 2004

Fred & Anne Kirk, Dave Feron, unidentified, Rita & Dave Houser

by Charley Robinson

Fred was one of the first people I had meet upon joining NYConn and, as you say, was truly one of the good guys. He was always friendly, helpful and frequently made the wrong turn when leading the group. But it did gives us something to pick on him about. And Anne is a wonderful person also and our hearts go out to her.

by Danny Flax

Fred surely was a great guy. I remember all the time I spent with him and Anne on the Ocean to Ocean T-Tourist Trophy. Looking back, I marvel at how he patient and caring he was with the kids on the trip. He always made it a point to ask how our day went and what we saw and did.

Circuit of Britain - Bill & Sigrid Wilson, Ann Kirk, Rita & Dave Houser, Dee Silver & Fred Kirk
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