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Fred Kirk - A Celebration of Life

Much of NYConn was in Newtown, CT June 17th and 18th, 2005 to honor Fred Kirk and celebrate his life and friendship. Anne said her spirits lifted and she had to smile, as she arrived at church and saw T-Series cars all over the parking lot. Fred's funeral Mass was as dignified, yet full of his enthusiasm for life, as he was. His family along with hundreds of friends were there to say goodbye to a wonderful guy. His 14 year old granddaughter, Megan, gave a very heartfelt and moving eulogy.
The funeral procession, filled with ordinary cars and top-down T-Series roadsters, seeming impatient to break free and roar through the countryside, headed slowly to St Rose Cemetery. At the graveside, a Marine guard honored Fred's service to our country and said farewell to one of their own, and one of ours.

Remembrances of Freddy
by Dave Houser

Found these 4 photos, one of which typifies how much I really loved this man. This was an early shot towards the beginnings of NY/CONN. My admiration just grew for him over the years.

fred kirk
Dave Houser, Fred Kirk

We then visited Charingworth Manor, a place I had been to before while on a Jaguar junket from Popular Science mag earlier in the year. We had stopped there and I met Simon, the Manager (who happened to own an MGB-GT) and we hit it off, of course. I mentioned our upcoming Circuit of Britain, and he invited me back. Well, I took Fred and Anne there and he provided a high tea at his expense. A quick tour and then we were off, once my TD started, back to the group. It was such a wonderful experience to have Fred and Anne with us and a highlight of the trip.

fred kirk
Fred & Anne Kirk, Charingworth Manor

That's my particular memory of one of the highlights with Fred. Over the years there were many more.Fred was such a character and gentleman that anybody meeting him had their life enriched.

Cheers Freddy, Dave

The other three mark what I think was the best time in my MG life and that was the Circuit of Britain back in 1990. Ed and Dee Flax and Rita and I were traveling together for most of the trip. One afternoon, Fred and Anne, Rita and I and Scotty and Polly went off together. At one point we realized Scotty and Polly disappeared. Can't remember what happened to them. well, for the rest of that day Fred and Anne and Rita and I traveled together. What a day! We went to Warwick Castle and my big mouth got us and our cars (the only folks who had this opportunity) into the grounds of the castle!

Anne Kirk, Rita Houser, Fred Kirk - Warwick Castle
Anne Kirk, Rita Houser, Fred Kirk
Warwick Castle
fred kirk
Fred Kirk, Anne Kirk, Dave Houser

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