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Welcome to NYConn, a local chapter of the New England MG T Register, Ltd. dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and happy use of the T-Series and Vintage MG's.

Check our Calendar for upcoming events in 2019

Next NYCONN Event Sweetheart Sunday Febuary 17th, 2019 Click Here for Information

Membership in NYConn is open to all who have an interest in these automobiles and who enjoy the companionship of like minded individuals. We meet regularly for events, both throughout the driving season in the NY, Connecticut area of the US as well as during the winter season.

T-Series and Vintage MG's were produced in Abingdon on Thames, England from 1936 through 1955, when they were replaced by the more modern MGA series and later by the MGB and MG Midget models. When GI's returning from Europe after the Second World War brought the the early TB and TC models back with them, they helped ignite the British sports car craze in the US, in the late 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.

Last Updated January 7th 2019

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