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  Shelter Island, NY Tour - June 2004
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From the airstrip, a two minute drive brought us to the local diesel and tractor maintenance business, whose owner collects and restores antique diesel engines. Everything from a 1912 stationary engine through antique lawnmowers were there for us to admire and talk about with the owner, who powered up a bunch of engines and gadgets to show off the collection. After the gals ran out of patience with the engines it was time to head out for the tour of island homes.
As we toured the winding island roads, we were treated to sights of summer-people shore mansions and full time residents' homes and cottages. Every now ant then, a huge osprey nest on a tall pole caught our eyes.  A stop at the beach gave us all a few minutes to cool our tootsies in the Peconic Bay, as a couple of us took off for the early ferry on our ways back home.
Hey George,
You think we can fit a blown XPEG in there?
Photo: John Friedler

Well... the TC is easier to park
Photo: Ann DeRenno

Frank's Airframe Maintenance Shop
Photo: John Friedler

Frank, our aircraft host describing his collection to Dick DeRenno, Ed Callo, Ann DeRenno, Ed FLax, George Re and Curt Beck
Photo: John Friedler
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