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  Shelter Island, NY Tour - June 2004
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Ann had spent weekends before our trip and prepared a wonderful lunch for us all, at the DeRenno summer cottage on lovely secluded Ginny Lane. Relaxing after lunch included tire kicking around Michelle Re's rare 1992 Infinity M30 convertible. Then it was off for a tour of the most unusual and interesting island spots. Dick arranged for us to visit with Frank, a longtime island resident, who restores and maintains antique bi-planes in his large homemade hanger and workshops, with grass airstrip just outside the doors. His repair and maintenance facilities for small aircraft, airframes and of coursed wonderful radial piston engines were amazing, and the planes, a sight to behold. The guys were enthralled with the collection, but with the gals pressing for the next spot on the tour, so it was off again.

Len Fanelli and the Wine Gadgets - Lenz Winery
Photo: Ann DeRenno
What a crowd!
Ed & Dee Flax, Len & Andrea Fanelli, Marion Callo,
(rear) John Friedler, George & Michelle Re
Photo: Ann DeRenno

On the Shelter Island Ferry
Dick DeRenno, Ed Flax, Ann DeRenno, Dee Flax

Photo: John Friedler

Michele & George Re on the ferry

Photo: John Friedler

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